ASAD is a type A (Law 381/91) social cooperative set up in 1977. The cooperative offers social health care and educational services. The vision of ASAD is aimed at pursue general community interest, promoting human and social integration of citizens through the management of healthcare, social and educational services.

Employing 615 people, ASAD offers services to 27 municipalities and to 9.000 people. ASAD cooperative wants to: promote the culture of solidarity, increase the awareness of the community protect the rights of people, especially the disadvantaged ones , promote integration and social inclusion connect different actors of the Social Policies, create a ‘social’ capital. ASAD is a social enterprise that operates as an "open system" with exchanges and interactions with the communities to constantly create networks among relevant stakeholders. The main areas of intervention are: 1. Disability – Individual home help- Light residential formula, proximity services to a total users nr. 256 - 2. Mental Health – Therapeutic-rehabilitative community - Cohabitation units - Day centers- Day Workshops- 2. Youth, including minors and immigrant minors, outreach more than 2000 final users through: educational services ; youth city council forum, community youth centre management, daytime youth centres for young people in social care, leisure time youth centres, workshops, creative workshops, youth orientation and information centres, linguistic mediation within schools with high rate migration, workshops for special needs students within schools. These services are extended beyond the city of Perugia reaching out the regions peripheral and rural areas and precisely the areas ascribing to the municipalities of Assisi, Città di Castello, Gubbio, San Giustino 4. Elderly 5. Community development The social enterprise produces social utility and collective well-being, does not distribute profits, but reinvests them again in the community. ASAD is actively involved in activities of Italian national civic service ("Servizio Civile Nazionale"), particularly in the Umbria Region, currently managing 5 different projects. ASAD works to apply detected innovations in social policies and a ‘community welfare’, where ‘horizontal subsidiarity’ means active participation, alliance and enlargement of citizenship rights.

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