At the offices of GIDE on Wednesday 26th of October 2021, we held the second TPM of the project A Chance 4 Change: Empowerment and Restoration which is implemented within the framework of Erasmus+.

In the meeting, several representatives of the organisations participating in the strategic partnership, from UK, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Spain.

French hospitality as its best, the hosts created a delightful atmosphere in order for the meeting to be productive and efficient.  The meeting elaborated on the deadlines and the great work that had been done until that time for the project intellectual outcomes as well as the remaining tasks to be completed.

During the meeting, the working timetable was formulated, action points were set and critical decisions were made regarding the project and its objectives as also information about the upcoming Conference was shared.

The meeting included a wonderful French meal and an outdoor walk to the youthful, artistic streets of Nantes.

The Agenda:




Welcome/Greetings/Agenda and practical info


A Chance 4 Change: where are we? 

# State of the Art 

# Risk Assessment 

(ie. Ecourses –  w. We are below our targets, affecting potentially the  payments) 

#Advisory Board Recommendations 

11:15 - 12:00 

Dissemination and Exploitation: Achievements review and roadmap for Transferability and sustainability

12:00 -13:00

IO2- Feedback from Learners 



14:30 - 15:30 

IO3 - Overview, Structure, Workplan Roadmap 


Quality and Evaluation: final steps 


Work Plan Overview step by Step 

Revising the GANT

Budget issues