In Epimorfotiki Kilkis headquarters, on Monday 30th of September 2019, we held the first kick-off meeting of the project A Chance 4 Change: Empowerment and Restoration which is implemented within the framework of Erasmus+.

In the meeting, 10 representatives of the organisations participating in the strategic partnership, from UK, France, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus., while the Spanish representative was present through video conference.

It was "Greek" colored meeting as for 6 of the 10(+1) participants of the meeting were from Greek origin. 4 locals from Epimorofotiki Kilkis, 2 Cypriots from OTI, and 1 "Greek Londoner" from UK RJ4ALL. Dr. Theo Gavriliedes (representing UK partner and coordinator from RJ4ALL), is the co-founder of the organisation IARS and Restorative Justice For All with an internationally recognised background in academics for Restorative Justice and the inspirer of the specific project.

During the meeting, the working timetable was formulated, the responsibilities of the partners were defined, and critical decisions were made regarding the project and its objectives.

The next coordination meeting was set to take place in Nantes, France, in June 2020.


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